09.11.2015 / Maria Mutafchieva presents “The Rainy Days”

Maria Mutafchieva – Mary presents her new song “The Rainy Days”

Mary from Mary Boys Band continues to work on her solo album. Her new song is called “The Rainy Days”.
“I’m happy to present the song “The Rainy Days”. I keep the idea of it more than 20 years. The basis of the lyrics is a poem I wrote in high school and it was called “Man”. Working on the song, I was carried away, adding retro motifs and vocal groups, like in the old times… So, the phrase “The Rainy Days” was repeated over and over and it gave the new name”- says Maria Mutafchieva.

You may find it here:
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Mary and DJane Monique with a new remix of “Unknown Streets”

Just in time appears the new version of the popular song “Unknown Streets”! For a long we associate this part of the year with it, and the refrain “the summer is blew away, leaves are on the ground” has become a cult phrase. Written in the summer of 2000, the hit of Mary Boys Band entered in the music textbook, held a long time in all native music charts and it is a preferred song of all young singers.
Today Mary presents a version of “Unknown Streets” mixed by one of the most famous names from the contemporary music scene – DJane Monique: “For the first time I am in collaboration with a woman. It was curious and interesting for me. The remix excited me – there are some unique, “dramatic” pads and sounds! I sang the song in a new way and I like it. We are also working on English and Russian versions.”
You can watch the video here:

18.03.2015 / Mary Boys Band presents “Izlishni dumi” (“Vain Words”)

Mary Boys Band presents the new single “Izlishni dumi” (Vain Words). The song is already officially widespread at web and the radio stations. The interesting thing about it is that it was performed for the first time live on the 20th birthday of the band, long before the studio version is ready. Video recording of the concert, as well as the video of the single, is made by the director Vasil Stefanov. The band confess that for the first time in its 20-year career allows itself to play a song that is not completed as a sound in studio and people have never heard of it, but the audience liked “Vain Words” from the first listening. And Mary jokes that the song is named like that, so to not explain unnecessarily.

The musicians are currently working in the “Vinyl” studio on their new album, which will be released by the end of the year.

You can take your tickets for the concert “20 years Mary Boys Band” on place in the club or here:

Mary Boys Band will have a concert on its 20th anniversary on January 28, 2015 (Wednesday) at 20:00 pm., at Sofia Live Club. The audience will have the opportunity to enjoy of live of its favorite songs from all of these years. The musicians remember their first performance as a band in 1995 on the only music stage in Sofia at this time – the famous Country Club. Today, after numerous concerts, musical performances, meetings with fans, albums, awards and their song in the music textbook, they feel like at the beginning of their career:
“20 years on stage are much, but it is early for balance. We feel that we have a lot to say. There are many things related to anniversary that are still forthcoming. We are currently working on a new album and on performance with guest musicians. But our official birthday is on 28 January and we want to celebrate it on the exact date with the people who love us, as it had been 20 years ago. Therefore we invite all our fans to join the party! In the time we’ve had changes in the band, but the formula remains the same: Mary + Boys = Band! And our fans are our loyal partners for these 20 years! Thank you for the support! See you on the 28th!”

Mary Boys Band on tour “20 Years Mary Boys Band”:
– July 27, 19:30, open stage “Ohlyuva”, Burgas
– July 29, 21:00, Amphitheater, Sozopol
– July 30, 19:30, open stage at the cultural club, Chernomoretz
– July 31, 24:00, „RETRO“ club, Lozenetz

12.06.2014 / „The Phone Rings“ by Mary Boys Band

„The Phone Rings“ by Mary Boys Band

The new song of Mary Boys Band is called „The Phone Rings“. The band release it on the eve of its 20th anniversary, which celebration will begin with a summer tour at the seaside. The musicians intend to release also CD with the singles and their videos on DVD from all these years including “The precious Gift”, “A Tale Of Us” and “The Phone Rings”.

The video of “The Phone Rings” is made by Vasil Stefanov. Footage of Mary Boys Band is filmed in the studio of fashion photographer Dilian Markov. Stylist of the clip is Dimitrina Ivanova and maker-up artist is Silvia Stoycheva. For starring musicians invited Miss Bulgaria 2006 Slavena Vatova and the young actor Darin Angelov. “I believe in love and I know how happy you can be when you meet it. I felt happiness when I saw the video of “The Phone Rings” for the first time. Slavena Vatova and Darin Angelov are beautiful and gentle, innocent and romantic – just as I could have imagined!” – says Mary

The presentation of “The Phone Rings” was in the restaurant “P.S. food & drinks” in Sofia on June 11th. The event was attended by friends of Mary Boys Band, including musicians from BTR and Horizon, the Director of Musical Theatre Mario Nikolov, the singer Sofia, Miss Bulgaria Slavena Vatova and Mister Bulgaria Martin Ivanov.

12.12.2013 / Mary from Mary Boys Band presents “A Tale Of Us”

Mary from Mary Boys Band presents “A Tale Of Us”.

Maria Mutafchieva is working on her solo project. Her first single, “A Tale Of Us” has already reached the top of native music charts. The video for the song was filmed in the most romantic city in the world – Paris. In it, in the role of two lovers, participate lovely Isabelle and David. For Isabel it’s debut as David already has experience in the pictures – he recently participated in the video of the current French singer Fedia. The premiere of the video of “A Tale Of Us” was on 10.12.2013 on the official channel of Mary Boys Band in YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/maryboysband

“As a singer and songwriter of Mary Boys Band’s songs I know it’s good for me to work in a different style, to develop certain ideas in the other direction… So came the song “A Tale Of Us”, arranged for guitar, piano and string quartet. It tells for the moment of falling in love, for that most beautiful moment in which you feel that you “fell into captivity” forever and the whole world disappears, leaving only the other person and you… Isabel and David coped brilliantly with this role! I shot the video in Paris because this city has a special place in my heart. Currently, despite our busy schedule, the guys and me started working on a new album of Mary Boys Band.” – says the singer. She will perform “The Tale Of Us” and her Christmas song “When The Earth Falls Asleep” under the accompaniment of an orchestra and the baton of Hristo Pavlov in the Christmas concerts in the National Music Theater on 20th and 21st of December, 2013.

20.06.2013 / Mary Boys Band presents “Will I Ever Outrun The Birds“

Mary Boys Band and the team of the director Vasil Stefanov dedicate to BSPB the song and the video “Will I Ever Outrun The Birds“.

The band said: „People from BSPB dedicate their life to the cause of protection of the birds. We are impressed of what they do at Atanasovsko lake, Mandra lake, the area Poda…

We dedicate the song “Will I Ever Outrun The Birds” to Bulgarian Society Of Protection Of The Birds that celebrated its 25th birthday. In the video you can watch pictures from the movie “They Fly Away”, made by BSPB and Mono Collective. You can find more info here: http://monoco.eu/FlyingAway”.

Mary Boys Band released their album “Unknown Streets 2012”

The album includes 12 tracks – recorded, mixed and mastered in studio Vinyl.

Mary Boys Band is BG Band of 2012

The musicians were nominated much times, but win this award for the first time. You can see pictures here. They have till now four studio albums, hundreds of concerts and few month ago they celebrated 17 years since they play together. Their last album “Long Way Home” is very successful and all songs of it are air played as singles.

During 2012 Mary Boys Band will issue two new albums – “Unknown Streets 2012” with re-recorded, re-mixed and re-mastered versions of their first album, instrumental of their biggest hit “Unknown Streets” and new songs as well, and “Mary Boys Band Acoustic“, which is recorded live in the First Studio Of Bulgarian National Radio with the biggest hits of the band, performed acoustic with grand piano, flute and strings quartet.

MARY BOYS BAND will have acoustic live concert on 28th of November 2011, from 20:00 in Studio 1 of Bulgarian National Radio that will be recorder and air-played at the same time on program “HORIZON”. Special guests: strings quartet “Alexander” and Andrey Petkov – flute and grand piano.

The new album of Mary Boys Band – “Long Way Home” will be reprinted and distributed again since 10.02.2011. You can buy it also from the bookstore of “Standard News” on the address: Sofia, 23 “Mizia” str. working days till 18pm.

Mary Boys Band are ready with their long-awaited new album!

The album have the name “Long Way Home” and is coming a week before Christmas. In it, except the same named hit, you can find your favorite romantic songs: “The Sunflowers” and “For The Last Time”, the song that at the moment is in the top of the charts – “Come With Me”, and the first song of the band, air played on MTV – “Don’t Ogle”, as few brand new songs, that will catch you for sure, because they are very personal.

“Long Way Home” is fourth album of Mary Boys Band. It is created in the period of hardship for the band. The musicians work on it about five years. The studio is the same – “Vinyl”, and sound engineer is again Iskren Iskrenov. Andrey Petkov is another their friend that takes big part in the recording and arrangements. Six of the songs have video clips made by Vassil Stefanov.

From 17.12.2010 till 15.01.2011 the new album of Mary Boys Band will be sold for the promotional price of 8.99 lv. only with newspaper “Standard”. The musician believe that in this way they can reach all the people, that love their music and that support them!

20.09.2010 / Mary Boys Band have new single and new video

Mary Boys Band have new single and new video! The song is called “Come With Me”. The video have been recorded during the concert of the band in the “Business Park” in Sofia in the end of June, when “Come With Me” was performed for the first time in live. The video is gift for the band from friends that work with musicians for years and who support them in the last time. The band thanks to: Vassil Stefanov, Stefi Nikolova, Niki Milev and Silvia Stoycheva!!!

Mary Boys Band will perform a concert on 06 Dec 2009, from 17 h on the square “Troika” in their native town of Burgas. The concert was dedicated, in addition to the celebration of the city – St. Nicholas’ Day and the initiative of the municipality – “Back in Burgas”, which the musicians donated their last single – “Long Way Home”. The initiative aims to gather in their hometown, known and proven in their profession people from Burgas, stars such as: Raina Kabaivanska, Georgi Kaloyanchev Maria Statulova, Russi Chanev…

Mary Boys Band completes records of their fourth studio album, which also have the name “Long Way Home”.

21.08.2009 / Mary Boys Band with video to “Long Way Home” – remix

Mary Boys Band finished a video to the last single “Long Way Home” – dance remix. It is made by Vassil Stefanov and includes pictures from the original and from the concert of the band in Pomorie. There Mary Boys Band performed “Long Way Home” for the first time.

Mary said: “Always when I’m looking this video I’ll remember the concert and the cool people in Pomorie. It is unique, I think, that we have pictures from the first live of this song recorded on video and we show it now! Sometimes, after years, people forget small detail about creation and performance of their music, but these pictures will get us back to the right place in the right time. About the question “Why did we make the remix of this song?”, the answer is clear – we want to present this song on another different way to our fans. Lately I give the following example, that we can compare one song to one human been – we can dress him in different toilets – sport, elegant… The good song as well as the beautiful people look nice in different ways. “Long Way Home” is very beautiful song and maybe it will give the name of the Mary Boys Band’s next album.”

30.10.2008 / The video to “Long Way Home” is ready

The video to “Long Way Home” is ready!

Few words from Mary Boys Band about it: “Four of us were born in Burgas and it was logical to make pictures right there – on the places, that we love and visit every time when we are back home. We made pictures three days in August working with the same team like before. It was wonderful days of walk in the beautiful alleys in the sea garden and well known from our childhood streets. The town was full with tourists and it was difficult to find a calm place, that’s why we missed many places, but we succeed to get this personal atmosphere that gives us the lyrics!”

The song “Long Way Home” sounds in the Mary Boys Band’s style and is already in the play-lists of the concerts of the band.

Mary Boys Band’s song was entered in the Education Book of Music

The song “Unknown Street” was entered in the education book of music for 7th classes. The audio CD attached to this book include the playback and singback of the song. From many years „Unknown Streets” is the favourite song of the teachers and the students for the music hours in the school, for competitions and festivals… That’s why the musicians grant the instrumental version in the “Discography” chapter of their web site.

Here are the musicians’ comments: „It is a big honour for Mary Boys Band that the song “Unknown Streets” will be studied in the school music hours! Through the years it becomes a visit card of the band. We have been witnesses of so many performances from people of different ages in all the country, we have many cases related to this song, thousand of fans… Day by day it starts living its own life! We are proud and happy to have it!”

Mary Boys Band are ready with the newest song – “Long Way Home”. It is the third single of their forthcoming fourth album. The work started about an year ago.

„„Long Way Home” is a very personal song and we are sure that people will feel it and will like it… The home is the dearest and the sweetly for everybody… The feeling that you are coming home – beautiful dream or happy emotion and reality… We want to share with you this feeling!” – say from the band.

The song “Long Way Home” is played for the first time on a concert in Pomorie. Soon will be ready the video edition.

Mary Boys Band will open The National Week of the Sea – “Pomorie – 2008” with the concert starting from 21:00 on the square of the town on 3rd of August. In addition to their famous songs the band will play one brand new song called “Long Way Home”. The first official airplay will be in the middle of August.

Mary Boys Band are going to be “headliner” in the first night of BLUEZZ FEST – Russe 2008 at 27th of June 2008 in the open theater of the town. The band will play an hour concert with their own songs.

Mary Boys Band are happy of the chance their song to be air-played in Bulgarian language on the most prestige music channel! You may watch the video of the song “Don’t ogle” under No 8 in the World Chart Express on MTV as follow:
– premiere – on Saturday (21.06.2008) at 10.00
– 1-st replay – on Sunday (22.06.2008) at 20.00
– 2-nd replay – on Friday (27.06.2008) at 18.00