21.08.2009 / Mary Boys Band with video to “Long Way Home” – remix

Mary Boys Band finished a video to the last single “Long Way Home” – dance remix. It is made by Vassil Stefanov and includes pictures from the original and from the concert of the band in Pomorie. There Mary Boys Band performed “Long Way Home” for the first time.

Mary said: “Always when I’m looking this video I’ll remember the concert and the cool people in Pomorie. It is unique, I think, that we have pictures from the first live of this song recorded on video and we show it now! Sometimes, after years, people forget small detail about creation and performance of their music, but these pictures will get us back to the right place in the right time. About the question “Why did we make the remix of this song?”, the answer is clear – we want to present this song on another different way to our fans. Lately I give the following example, that we can compare one song to one human been – we can dress him in different toilets – sport, elegant… The good song as well as the beautiful people look nice in different ways. “Long Way Home” is very beautiful song and maybe it will give the name of the Mary Boys Band’s next album.”

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