Mary Boys Band’s song was entered in the Education Book of Music

The song “Unknown Street” was entered in the education book of music for 7th classes. The audio CD attached to this book include the playback and singback of the song. From many years „Unknown Streets” is the favourite song of the teachers and the students for the music hours in the school, for competitions and festivals… That’s why the musicians grant the instrumental version in the “Discography” chapter of their web site.

Here are the musicians’ comments: „It is a big honour for Mary Boys Band that the song “Unknown Streets” will be studied in the school music hours! Through the years it becomes a visit card of the band. We have been witnesses of so many performances from people of different ages in all the country, we have many cases related to this song, thousand of fans… Day by day it starts living its own life! We are proud and happy to have it!”

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