Short story of the band

Mary Boys Band is formed in the beginning of 1994 by Maria Mutafchieva – vocal, Iliyan Georgiev – keyboards and Miroslav Mutafchiev – guitar. The band starts to play in the live night clubs in Sofia.

In August 1994 Mary Boys Band wins the competition for young performers of Bulgarian National Television – “Hit Minus One”. As a prize the musicians record their first original song – “Where has the wind gone”.

In the autumn of 1994 Mary Boys Band make their first gig in all the country for the presidential elections.

In January 1995 two more people join to the trio – on drums and bass. January 28, 1995 is the date they play live as a group of five people for the first time. The place is the famous then “Country Club” in Sofia. The musicians take this day for the birthday of the band.

Until the end of 1995 Mary Boys Band record two original songs for the Bulgarian Nation Radio – “An attempt to fly” and the first version of “To outrun the birds”. The radio likes the tracks and they get a lot of airplay. Because of this in 1996 the band wins Art Rock Center’s award for Best Band.

In 1997 German producers invite Mary Boys Band to work on a project and they record songs by Deep Purple, Pink Floyd and Led Zeppelin with an orchestra. The band continues their live performances in clubs and on concerts in Bulgaria, and in TV show programs, as well.

In 2001 finally they release their first album “Distant Streets”. It includes ten songs, recorded between 1999 and 2001. The most famous song in the album becomes the title song itself, “Distant Streets”. It stays in the charts for a record-breaking time (in The Bulgarian Top 100 – radio world music chart – the song stays more than 100 weeks, as 50 weeks of them in the first 10).

The album is doing very well and during the 2002 Mary Boys Band are nominated in the Bulgarian Radio Awards for five different categories: “BG Debut”, “BG Album”, “BG Song”, “BG Lyrics” and for new version of a song for “Autumn”.

In June 2002, the band participates in a festival for live music, which is a part of the international television festival in Albena and wins first place.

In the last years Mary Boys Band is one of the famous bands in Bulgaria. They continue to play in the best clubs and on big concerts, and work as a studio musicians, as well, in the projects of the Belgium and English composers and producers.

In the summer of 2004 the band plays on mega concerts in Albena, Sunny Beach and Bansko together with world-famous: “No Mercy”, “Boney M”, Eruption”, “Gibson Brothers”, “Racey”…

In September 2004 for the concert-promotion of the second album of Mary Boys Band – “Only For You” special guests are “The Kelly Family”. Both bands work together on other projects also.

The album “Only For You” is released officially on the market in October 2004. It is recorded during 2003-2004 and includes 10 songs and two bonus tracks – English versions of two of the songs. All singles from the album until now have been in Top 10 of BG Top 100.

It is not accidentally that “Only For You” is nominated for “BG Album of 2004”.

From July 2004 Mary Boys Band’s song goes on air in all big radio stations in Belgium and lately in France and Holland…

In December 2004 the band release in Belgium album “Distant Streets – compilation”, that includes English versions of songs from the first and the second albums.

In January 2005 Mary Boys Band make records of “Running Over” in Belgium music studio with gospel choir from Brussels. This song is released in compilation together with songs of Belgium singers.

Again in Belgium on May 28, 2005 Mary Boys Band plays on a concert with “Boney M” and “Eruption”. The band performs their original songs in front of Belgian people more than one hour.

In the beginning of 2006 Mary Boys Band release on the market DVD with a concert-promotion of the album “Only For You”. The band is nominated for “The Band Of The Year" for 2006, 2007, 2008 and 2009.

On 17th of December 2010 the musicians released their fourth album "long Way Home" that includes the singles: For The Last Time”, "Don't Ogle" (presented in World Chart Express in MTV), "Long Way Home", "The Sunflowers", "Come With Me" and "I believe in you".

 Now they continue to play in the night music clubs and on the big stages in all the country and work on their new album.

Beginning of the band - The Mary's story