Mary and DJane Monique with a new remix of “Unknown Streets”

Just in time appears the new version of the popular song “Unknown Streets”! For a long we associate this part of the year with it, and the refrain “the summer is blew away, leaves are on the ground” has become a cult phrase. Written in the summer of 2000, the hit of Mary Boys Band entered in the music textbook, held a long time in all native music charts and it is a preferred song of all young singers.
Today Mary presents a version of “Unknown Streets” mixed by one of the most famous names from the contemporary music scene – DJane Monique: “For the first time I am in collaboration with a woman. It was curious and interesting for me. The remix excited me – there are some unique, “dramatic” pads and sounds! I sang the song in a new way and I like it. We are also working on English and Russian versions.”
You can watch the video here:

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