Mary Boys Band are ready with their long-awaited new album!

The album have the name “Long Way Home” and is coming a week before Christmas. In it, except the same named hit, you can find your favorite romantic songs: “The Sunflowers” and “For The Last Time”, the song that at the moment is in the top of the charts – “Come With Me”, and the first song of the band, air played on MTV – “Don’t Ogle”, as few brand new songs, that will catch you for sure, because they are very personal.

“Long Way Home” is fourth album of Mary Boys Band. It is created in the period of hardship for the band. The musicians work on it about five years. The studio is the same – “Vinyl”, and sound engineer is again Iskren Iskrenov. Andrey Petkov is another their friend that takes big part in the recording and arrangements. Six of the songs have video clips made by Vassil Stefanov.

From 17.12.2010 till 15.01.2011 the new album of Mary Boys Band will be sold for the promotional price of 8.99 lv. only with newspaper “Standard”. The musician believe that in this way they can reach all the people, that love their music and that support them!

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